Probate of Florida Timeshares

If you own a Florida timeshare in your individual name it will be subject to probate if you pass away. A Florida probate action is required to transfer the Florida timeshare to your heirs or beneficiaries. Since timeshares are considered real property, the probate must be administered by a Florida Court in the county or judicial circuit where the timeshare is located. If you own a Florida timeshare and are not a resident of Florida, an ancillary probate administration can be commenced if a domiciliary estate administration has been commenced in the decedent’s home state.

Our law firm represents clients in probate administration proceedings throughout the state of Florida. We frequently represent non-Florida residents who need to probate a Florida timeshare they inherited. Please call (407) 862-9449, email, or complete our contact form to speak to attorney Edelstein if you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation.

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